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Which Web Video Format is Better, Flash or Divx?

Over the past few years video has completely revolutionized the way we use the internet. Videos are popping up on websites and blogs just about everywhere online. However an important question that webmaster and internet surfers alike ask is what is the best web video format? The three main video formats on the internet are Flash, Quicktime and Divx.

Before we get into taking a closer look at Flash and Divx, If you are looking for the easiest way to upload your videos to the internet you probably want to stick with uploading to YouTube. If you are developing a website or blog with video and are looking for more advanced and professional options then read on.

Adobe Flash Video Player

adobeflash.jpgWith the fairly recent release of Adobe Flash 8 and Flash Player 9, a lot of sites are turning to the Flash Video Player (.flv video format) because they make it extremely easy to convert your video into the Flash Format with the Adobe Flash 8 software. Considering over 98% of internet users have Flash installed, you are basically insured that almost everyone will be able to view your video immediately. As a viewer of Flash Videos however, the format can really vary in video quality depending on the settings that are set when the video is encoded. I recommend Flash for people who are adding video podcasts to their blogs, and generally those who aren’t as concerned about the quality of the video.

You Can Find the Adobe Flash Software Here

Divx Web Player

divxplayer.jpgIf you need the quality of your video on the internet to be top notch then I highly recommend looking into using Divx. The Divx Web Player is personally my favorite when viewing streaming video online. The player itself has a very sleek and easy to use interface. The video quality is superb and I haven’t come across a web video format with better quality out there. The Divx web player also has a great feature call screen dimmer, that dims the area of your screen around the video, making the video really stand out and easy to watch. The Divx web player also allows for subtitles and multiple tracks as well as full screen viewing.

As for converting your videos to a Divx format, unlike Flash Video, most video editing programs will export to the Divx format so if you are already doing video editing you probably won’t have to buy any new software.

You can get started with the Divx Web Player here

The Winner Is…

In reality each format has advantages and disadvantages. I recommend using the Flash Video Player for a video podcast or anything that doesn’t require superb video quality. If you are looking to upload your movies or tv shows to the web (make sure your not uploaded anything copyrighted of course) you should use the Divx web player, which generally offers better quality than Flash Video Player.

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One Response to “Which Web Video Format is Better, Flash or Divx?”
JT - February 3rd, 2008 at 11:41 pm

Flash is capable of HD video if encoded that way. Sites like Youtube and Myspace etc. have so much video that they can’t support all of the UGC in HD.
If you want your video in Flash and you want HD it’s just a few simple clicks.

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