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How To Get Better Satellite TV Reception

There are many different problems that can cause interruption in your Satellite service. The good news is that most problems are very easy to solve. The bad news is that sometimes diagnosing the exact problem with your satellite dish can be a pain. I think the number one cause of disruptions in satellite service and signal reception is simply objects that obstruct a DISH’s view of the sky. I actually personally ran into this problem a few years back.

Before moving to the East Coast, I resided in a very peaceful canyon in the mountains of Colorado. If anyone has ever been to Colorado you know we get ALOT of two things, snow and…ok more snow. I never seemed to be able to get a decent satellite signal in the winter time. I never thought twice about even checking my dish to see if there was anything obstructing its view of the southern sky, I just figured it had something to do with the service, and that it would pass. Well as time went on it seemed to get worse and worse, and then one winter, we had a lot of snow and I could almost never get a signal.

Finally I decided to do something about this, because by this time I was pretty annoyed. I tried adjusting the settings on my receiver with no luck. I then finally decided to go outside to see if something was broken with the DISH, I figured this had to be it. I had the DISH mounted on the side of my deck, and to my surprise when I got outside, the DISH was completely under a snow drift that was about 5 feet high. Now as I said before, in Colorado we got ALOT of snow, so when it did snow, I didn’t even think twice about it. However for some reason I never put two and two together until that day and always just figured that it was a problem with the service or clouds blocking my reception. Once I cleared the snow off the DISH it worked fine again. From that day on I just made sure to brush the DISH off every time it snowed.

This goes to show you that the problem with your reception is often something simple that you can fix yourself. I have even heard of overgrown grass and plants being able to block a signal if they are in the way of the DISH. It really doesn’t matter which service you have, it can happen with both DISH Network and DirecTV. My advice to you is check for obstructions in the way of the view of your DISH because 90% of the time, that will be the cause of the problem. Severe weather has also been known to cause interruptions in satellite signals and service, however it takes a really strong thunderstorm or hurricane to do so. (If you really trying to watch your satellite tv in a hurricane I don’t know what to tell you)

Overall I’ve found that the best way to solve problems with your Satellite TV reception is to simply try troubleshooting your problem.  If you are sure your Satellite DISH has a clear view of the sky and has no obstructions don’t worry! There are still some other things you can try.

First check your receiver and consult the manual that came with your system to make sure all of the settings are correct and nothing was changed by accident.  Sometimes kids messing around or even a spouse can change a setting and before you know it, your getting a static signal.  If it isn’t a problem with the receiver then check the wire leading to the receiver and make sure that it hasn’t been gnawed or cut by an object or an animal.  Sometimes mice will eat through wires, family pets can do this as well.

If it doesn’t seem to be anything above I would recommend calling your satellite company, your equipment may be outdated and they may be able to send you new equipment for no charge.  Both DISH Network and DirecTV have great customer support, so even if they have to send a technician out, your Satellite television will get fixed.

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