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How to Get a Free HDTV Receiver

HD Television is on the rise these days with most new television sets supporting HDTV. DirecTV and DISH Network are constantly expanding their HD channel lineup and packages to meet the growing demand from consumers that want to dive into the HD experience. To get HDTV from satellite broadcasts however you need something called an HDTV Receiver. This receiver is a special box that can receive and decode HDTV Signals and broadcasts. This can also be referred to as an HD decoder or as an HD tuner. Once the HD signal is decoded having this hardware will allow you to watch your favorite broadcasts in either 720i / 720p or 1080i / 1080p depending on what your television supports.

So How Do I Get a Free HDTV Receiver?

Currently AllSat has a deal going for DISH Network where you can receive a free HDTV receiver and DVR (digital video recorder) if you sign up for service through them. The receiver is Stardard Definition and High Definition Compatible, has Component, DVI and HDMI outputs, and is MPEG-4 Compatible. They are also offering a lifetime warranty on the equipment and the DISH HD service free for 6 months. You also get HBO and Cinemax free for 3 months. This sounds like a great deal, because the satellite industry has become so competitive we have seen more and more deals like these pop up. Currently, Allsat is our most recommended DISH Network dealer. They have a proven track record of great customer service and support and we highly recommend them.

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